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  Certificate ::.Apparel Merchandising
Course Details


Course Contain
Total Class Hours
Fiber, Yearn & Fabric
01.Basic concepts of fibers
2.Classification of fibers & properties
02.Different Types of Yearn & their uses
Knit and Woven Garments Analysis
01. Construction of Knit Fabric.
02. Construction of Woven Fabric.
Quality Control Management
01.Basic concept of quality control Management
02.Types of Quality
03.QMS & TQM(Quality Management System & Total Quality Management System.
Quality Control tools & systems.
Traffic light System>
Auditing in Traffic light system.
Quality control circle:
Finishing and packing.
Preparing packing list.
Acceptable quality level.
Pre-shipment inspection.
04. Standard organ gram for quality control management.
05. Sample management system with the concern merchandiser as well as with the factory.
06.Responsibilities of quality checkers.(QC)
07.Fabric evolution
08. Quality Characteristics in apparel industry.
09. Identification of garment’s parts & zone classification.
10.Standard ways of garments measurement
11.Defect & reject in the garments manufacturing process & their prevention & restriction
12.Preparing quality report at the time of final inspection.(Quality Audit report)
13. Quality control flow chart.
14. Re instruction & Symbol.
15.5S system & ISO 9000.
Dyeing Printing Washing.
01. Different types of dyes & their costs.
02. Classification of different printing & there cost analysis.
03. Washing & there costs.
04. Examination.
Pattern Development
        1. Pattern Terminology.
 2. Standard Measurement chart.
Clothing Materials
1 .Introduction to Clothing materials.
2. Classification of Clothing Materials.
3. Introduction with different trims & accessories thought a list of common materials.
4. Discussion on sewing thread.
5. Discussion on labels
6.Placement of different labels
7. Interlining, classification, purposes & different application.
8. Lining, different uses & classification.
9. Button classification & measurement.
10. Classification & construction of zipper.
11. Hang tag, information carrying by hang tag.
12. Velcro tape construction & uses.
13. Identification of different materials.
14. Trims/Swatch card preparation.
15. Prepare of work trim sheet.
16. Garments ratio/brisk down.
17.Consumption of sewing thread
18. Carton costing.
19. Exam.   
Office Management. Export & Import Documentation
1. International Trade & Commercial
Transaction; Import & Export
2. Verities Types of L/C.
3. Suppliers Drillings.
4. Freight Calculation-Air & Sea
5. Examination. 
Fully Fashion
1.        Construction of Fully Fashion. 
 2. Manufacturing process of Fully Fashion.
    3. Consumption & Costing.
    4. Others.
    5. Examination.
Accounting of Merchandising.
1. Basic concept of fabric consumption.
2. Consumption of knit item: T shirt/Polo shirt etc.
3. Consumption of woven item: Shirt, Pant, Skirt
4. Basic concepts of costing
Activities of Merchandising
1. Motivation
What is merchandising? Who is Merchandiser?
Why we need Merchandiser?
Responsibilities of Merchandiser.
Merchandising Position In the RMG sector job hierarchy
(Trainee, junior, Senor and chief merchandiser)
What is Breakeven? Why Need it for merchandiser.
What is ROI? Why Need To Understand?
What is “SOWT “? Why it is important for Merchandiser.
2. Relationship develop with various personality
Maslows and Hezberg need Hierarchy
Communication with Buyer Procedure
3. Merchandising Responsibility
(Time management)
(Cost management)
(Sample Make To Payment Procedure)
4. Equipment / tools and tech for merchandiser.   
Relationship with photo, size set, shipment and photo shoot sample)
5.Relationship between assistant
Merchandiser & factory/buying hose.
6. Technical merchandiser/Messenger merchandiser.
Quick Response Merchandising.
Buyer Sourcing
1.        Mail / E-mail Operating System.
2.        Buyer Searching technique
3.        Find your buyer online
4.        Examination.
Total subject:11
Total no. of classes:51
102 Hours







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