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  TESTIMONIAL ::. Teacher
2009-02-09  ,  Planning of the courses  

One of the best things about the Planning course was the connection to real-world situations and circumstances


2009-11-03  ,  Standard of Courses  

I could easily fill pages about what I have taught in the last year or so, but putting it simply; the NIFT courses have changed my way of thinking and enabled me to examine situations from a different perspective, a business & teaching perspective.


2021-11-09  ,  Principles of Accounting  


2009-11-20  ,  About NIFT  

NIFT is different apart from its compatriots of the time. Its managment's visionary outlook attained the total quality in operations. As result its outputs get access easily in the job market. And I'm sure job market can never neglect the graduates of this organization.


Mahathy Hasan jewel  


Department of Marketing

Jagannath University


2009-09-01  ,  Fashion design  

I really enjoyed the course - Fashion Design - Technical drawing. I had no previous art experience and was never able to successfully draw the human body, yet alone clothing. The course gave me step-by-step instructions and a very sound methodology to not only learn to draw, but be able to do so with ever increasing accuracy. I also found my tutor to be helpful with all the questions


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