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Benifits of successful internship

Establish credibility — Successful interns establish credibility early on. They are on time for events and appointments. They follow through with assigned tasks. They keep their word. They are appropriately dressed and groomed. They are willing to help out and go the extra mile.
Act as good colleagues — Successful interns treat fellow staff and volunteers the way they want to be treated. They treat them with respect. They take an interest in them as people. They listen more than talk. They try to see another’s perspective.
Work proactively — Successful interns take the initiative for their work and learning. They accept responsibility for the value of the experience. They come to work prepared. They act with eagerness and enthusiasm. They don’t procrastinate. When some-thing needs doing, they do it. They seize opportunities.
Work with others — Successful interns seek to understand existing structures and work with those involved. They utilize the abilities of others and involve people in the tasks, rather than doing it all themselves. They are cooperative and congenial. They have a reputation for valuing others.
Seek feedback — Successful interns tactfully seek feedback on their work. They listen to  constructive criticism with a spirit of humility. They want to know what they are doing well and what they need to do better.
Keep communication lines open — Successful interns make sure the expectations are clear all the way around. They seek the information they need. They ask lots of questions. They let those they are working with know what’s going on, how they are coming on projects, what they need, and what they appreciate about staff and volunteers.
Keep focused on learning — Successful interns never forget that they are on the job to learn. They come open to new ideas and experiences. They keep their ears and eyes open to successful approaches and useful tips. They evaluate their performance.
Collect final reflection report artifacts as they go — Successful interns don’t wait until the end to collect artifacts for their final report and then rush to throw something together. They are gathering items as they go.






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