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Internship: Have you ever wondered whether or not the things you learn in class actually apply to the real world? This is the way to find out! The Internship in Apparel Merchandising & Fashion design offers participating students an opportunity to apply knowledge from the classroom to production, distribution, or retailing of fashion goods, or auxiliary services. The experiences and insights gained through applied, directed activities in fashion merchandising enrich the student’s educational program. The iinternship also allows local businesses the opportunity to work with college students and benefit from their service, enthusiasm and to share their knowledge. Internships foster positive relations between the institution and community employers and often assist students in obtaining skills, experiences and contacts that will enhance their employment prospects and options after graduation.
The Department of Fashion Design and Merchandising strongly encourages all students to garments industries & Buying houses. We feel that an internship provides practical experience as well as building the student’s resume. Employers are impressed by the work experience and learning opportunities provided by internships.Internship exposes the student to the fashion industry, and allows them to apply their academic knowledge to the “real world”.

Internship Learning objectives & activities: Below are internship objectives, these are what you specifically want to learn from your internship and under each objective is the corresponding activity you will do to complete that specific objective


1) Objective: Identify business strategies for buying and selecting product

Acivity: Conduct mock-buy and compare and analyse my mock-buy to actual buyers purchase to see differences and similarites

2) Objective: Identify process and procedures for company purchases

Acivity: Assist in buying products for the stores and oversee paperwork involved

3) Objective: Explore the buying process

Acivity: Shadow supervisor in making purchases and assist in ordering, recieveing and merchandising the product

4) Objective: Increase skills in buying and merchandising

Acivity: Assist merchandiser in completing inventory, reordering product and merchandising store

5) Objective: Identify business strategies for buying/selling

Acivity: Job shadow supervisors and interview them on buying and selling strategies used

6) Objective: Identify business strategies for buying and selecting products

Acivity: Interview supervisor on buying strategies and assist in three buy’s

Visual Display/Merchandising/Promotions

7) Objective: Identify visual merchandising practices

Acivity: Execute five window displays and corresponding in-store displays to showcase current merchandise, brands and/or promotions

8) Objective: Determine how to successfully design merchandise displays to attract customers to the product

Acivity: Interview supervisor on display techniques and complete three merchandise displays independently for supervisors critique for future improvements

9) Objective: Identify techniques for creating effective window and table displays

Acivity: Job shadow co-workers and complete two window and table displays independently and have manager and/or buyer critique for future improvements

10) Objective: Evaluate company merchandise stratigeies

Acivity: Arrange merchandise affectivley and have the oportunity to creae a shopping frienly environment

11) Objective: Assess how to execute the brand presentaions and experience for specific markets

Acivity: Work with various positions to identify product branding for target markets

12) Objective: Explore the promotional aspect of marketing

Acivity: Create marketing materials to promote products and/or store and assist in implimenting materials

13) Objective: Identify promotion strategies and execute campaign

Acivity: Develop and implement a promotional campaign

14) Objective: Identify practices for advertising products and/or store

Acivity: Interview supervisor on advertising efforts and results and create an advertising campaign for store/product

15) Objective: Interpret business’s goals to asist in creating a marketing plan

Acivity: Review business goals and work with marketing to create and implement a marketing plan


16) Objective: Identify manager responsibilities and tasks, along with daily operational tasks on the floor

Acivity: Job shadow manager and interview on responsibilties including sales preparation and procedures

17) Objective: Explore various management skills and techniques

Acivity: Training, job shadowing other managers and applying techniqies while supervising associates

18) Objective: Identify manager’s daily tasks

Acivity: Interview managers in three different deparments and identify and analyze similarites and differences

19) Objective: Analyze the management process

Acivity: Sit in on various levels of management meetings and conduct follow-up interviews

20) Objective: Identify other careers in the retail industry to assist in choosing post-graduation career

Acivity: Research four different careers in company which includes interviews and/or job shadows with chosen professionals within the fields to reasearch position responsibilites, expectiations, experience etc

21) Objective: Identify the many roles and career paths available in the retail industry

Acivity: Interview employees in five different positions to identify job expectations and experience needed


22) Objective: Gain experience with re-ordering items, completing invoices and picking price points

Acivity: Assist in process and paperwork when re-ordering

23) Objective: Identify retail/corporate work place policies

Acivity: Review employee handbook and perform tasks as instructed

24) Objective: Explore the retail process pertaining to mass produced and customized garments

Acivity: Interview manager/owner on retail process for mass produced and customized garments

25) Objective: Identify employee policies

Acivity: Review employee handbook and attend staff development meetings

26) Objective: Identify sales staff responsibilities

Acivity: Participate in training and use daily on sales floor

27) Objective: Identify return practices

Acivity: Participate in training and identify and follow return practice procedures with customers

Customer Service

28) Objective: Identify customer service standards

Acivity: Review customer service procedures, complete training, implement on sales floor and analyze and improve techniques

29) Objective: Identify customer’s needs, and discover what it takes to meet those needs in a fast-paced retail environment

Acivity: Interview top sales associates and impliment stratagies on sales floor

30) Objective: Increase sales and customer service skills during special events

Acivity: Work at the deisgner preview fahion show with high end product and VIP customers

31) Objective: Increase knowledge and ability with customer satifaction

Acivity: Keep product and marketing materials stocked and assist customers to assure satisfaction

32) Objective: Identify customer expectations of sales associates

Acivity: Interview customers on what they look for in customer service and implement on sales floor


33) Objective: Identify strategies of top all-star sales associates

Acivity: Shadow co-workers on sales floor and interview for individual selling strategies

34) Objective: Identify sales and event preparation for employees

Acivity: Participate in annual sale and/or store event including preparation, working during and analyzing process and success post sale/event

35) Objective: Learn preparation processes for sales and other events

Acivity: Interview supervisors and assist in sale/event preperation

36) Objective: Develop knowledge of point of sale operation and procedures

Acivity: Receive training on point of sales operation and standard operating procedures of the company


37) Objective: Identify daily store operations

Acivity: Interview manager and assist manager in completing daily operations

38) Objective: Explore distribution operations

Acivity: Tour distribution center and interview distribution manger

39) Objective: Analyze basic components of driving a business based on daily and weekly sales and margin performance

Acivity: Job shadow the manager while computing daily/weekely sales and margins, and progress to completing components independently


40) Objective: Identify company policies, procedures and customer service standards

Acivity: Review policies and procedures, attend weekly meetings and interview employees in various positions to identify their specific interaction with customers

41) Objective: Identify stocking system

Acivity: Tour vairous stock rooms in the store and interview stocking managers

42) Objective: Assess proper business relations with vendors

Acivity: Participate during vendor tour of the stores

43) Objective: Identify financial elements of business

Acivity: Interview finance/accounting deparmtne on budgeting, expense reports etc and assist in completing at least two reports

44) Objective: Improve communication skills

Acivity: Communicate with inter-office employees through group activites creating marketing materials, hosing openhouses and events for customers

45) Objective: Identify the process of preparing for sales meetings and facilitating the meeting

Acivity: Unpack and check samples in and ready for sales meetings (steam, dress mannequins etc) and sit in on sales meetings

46) Objective: Explore the process of assembling presentation boards

Acivity: Assist merchandisers and designers in creating presentation boards


1) Student Feedback : Student will have to write the facilities

2) Employer Evaluation: A final Employer Evaluation of the Cooperative Field Experience should be completed by your supervisor and submit to NIFT.

All work submitted for credit must be the student’s original work. Any questionable student work will be investigated and will be subject to the disciplinary actions including but not limited to receiving an unsatisfactory for your internship. Documentation of hours, internship site and supervisor, and internship experiences are the responsibility of the student and must be submitted accurately, truthfully, and in a timely manner.

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