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Teaching method

Teaching Methods

Student-Centered Instruction (SCI):

Active learning methods utilized in the NIFT are techniques that enable you to generate knowledge rather than simply receive it. Lecture-based methods are much less effective than Student-Centered Instruction(SCI).

Active learning methods

Think  & Share (T&S) : You will be given a theme to think about. It can be a topic from a newspaper or book, or a controversial statement. In one session, the same theme can be used several times by different presenters.

Writing Assignments(WA): You will take five minutes to write on a topic and then share the writing by giving a brief presentation

Minute Papers(MP): Approximately 15 minutes before the end of class, you’ll write answers to the following questions:

  • What is the most important thing I learned today?
  • What important questions remain unanswered?
  • What is the least understood subject or concept?

 Brainstorming: You may be asked to introduce a topic or problem and then quickly give your ideas / solutions.

Debates & Arguments: Debates are particularly appropriate for Honours students. Debates are staged discussions where half of the class is for the subject and the other half is against the subject. During preparations you may not know which side you will have to take.

Home Assignments(HA): Internet browsing, Newspaper or journal articles read and prepared at home for in-class presentation or discussion 

Case Studies(CS): Most of the above-mentioned methods will take place in groups. Generally, case studies are used for homework assignments.

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